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Why and When

Validating the material received against the material ordered

  • Material mix ups happen more often than suppliers are willing to admit, leading to the supply of the incorrect batch or sub-standard material. This incorrect material is then turned into a finished product only to find out that it is the incorrect grade of material. Suppliers do not cover your cost of fabrication and machining. You may also incur down time and late deliveries as suppliers rectify their mistakes which results in added costs to your clients. 
  • A company that has internal quality control procedures such as material verification, minimizes the possibly of the above mentioned occurrence , reducing downtime and saving costs. 

Validating the material after processing and fabrication

  • Material properties can change during fabrication when there is significant heat input such as from welding. 
  • International welding specifications state that the welding procedure may not negatively affect the base material (the weld must always be stronger than the parent material). 
  • In this instance sample plates are welded and sent to MTL, where we ensure that the welding personal as well as procedure followed have not negatively affected the parent material. 

Production control

  • Production facilities test their final product to give their clients confidence that they are producing a quality product, as evaluated by an external party. 

It is noted that Metallurgical Testing Labs is SANAS Accredited for the testing methods associated with this verification process

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