Micro-structural Evaluation

Microstructural Analysis is carried out by qualified and competent Metallurgists who pride themselves on their attention to detail and their ability to communicate this information through to our customer in an appropriate (understandable and accurate) manner. 
The main tool used by the Metallurgist is a Microscope. MTL has acquired an Olympus microscope including calibrated image software and digital reporting capabilities to ensure that any reports/pictures issued are of the highest standard.

When it comes to this service offering, MTL understands that the ability to evaluate a microstructure is only as good as the machinery that one uses in the sample preparation stages. MTL has acquired fully automated polishing equipment (for the final stages of sample preparation) as well as customized sample preparation equipment for the initial stages (grinding). All of this equipment is focused on preparing the sample for the evaluation process without causing excessive damage to the component’s microstructure i.e. overheating the sample.