History of MTL

The concept of Metallurgical Testing Labs was born in early 2009. It became apparent that the Metal working industry was in a catch-22 position which was that there was a desperate need for experienced and competent Metallurgical Engineers and up and coming Metallurgical Engineers fresh from University could not find jobs because of their lack of experience. The concept of filtering Metallurgical students through a company where they would be placed in an environment and be exposed to the technical side of metallurgy. Here they would be able to apply the knowledge that they had picked up through their studies in a practical manner thereby exposing them to the “experience factor”. Our aim was is to bridge this gap and inject competent Metallurgists into the market where they, after a time spent employed at Metallurgical Testing Labs, would become a valuable asset to the company that they would ultimately get employed by. Metallurgical Testing Labs was formally formed in mid-2012 after 10 years of laying foundations and establishing key relationships with companies within the industry that it ultimately serves.  Metallurgical Testing Labs (over the years) has flourished and grown into one of the largest independent metallurgical testing facilities in South Africa.

Company Vision

Our aim is to bridge the gap between supply and demand. We strive to become a “one stop” service provider for companies and individuals that have a need for material testing which offers up results that they can trust. At the same time Metallurgical Testing Labs understands the concept of investing back into the industry which is why it participates in programs associated with the training of Metallurgical Engineering Students.

It is with the above in mind that Metallurgical Testing Labs was formed. It is a company who aims at providing a service to industry at a market related rate whilst mentoring the up and coming Metallurgical Engineers of the future. Metallurgical Testing Labs works closely with SANAS which is an accreditation agency that ensures results are validated and signed off by SANAS Approved Technical Signatories who have been evaluated and deemed competent. Reliable results are our Guarantee.

Our Mission Statement

  1. The establishment of long term and lasting partnerships with our customers
  2. To be leaders in quality and to guarantee the highest standards of quality
  3. To offer the best service and commitment to our customers every day
  4. To ensure that customers remain the centre of attention
  5. To work together to achieve success
  6. To continually regard our employees as the most valuable assets.
  7. To Mentor and provide guidance to metallurgical engineers into a place where they are able to service the needs of the industry

Our Shared Values

Health and Wealth go hand in hand:  MTL regards profitability and financial stability as a sound base for growth and business development, and as a means of creating and establishing long term partnerships with our customer.

We strive to be the leaders in quality and innovation: MTL anticipates and identifies with the customer as to ascertain their testing needs and requirement, and as such strives to use the latest equipment to maintain a high level of customer service and quality of service. Quality leadership means continuous improvement across the entire specific business unit.

Customers and customer service is at the center of our attention: At MTL, our primary target is to help customer achieve the maximum benefit from the information that we supply to them through the supply of optimal solutions based on long term partnerships. We continually strive to achieve this goal through effective communication and the establishment of effective communication channels. We can only achieve this through providing solutions and delivering on promises made to customers.

Our Reputation is our commitment: MTL strives to build a continuously improving yet outstanding reputation based on knowhow, the professionalism of its employees and our accuracy of results.

We will not be satisfied until:

  1. Our customers receive optimum solutions for their testing and investigative problems
  2. Our potential customers are certain to place their next order for testing with us
  3. Our employees are convinced that they are working towards a better future and that they are an intricate part of the better solution
  4. All of our investors are sure to receive the highest possible return on their investment