Material Verification

MTL offers material testing certificates in accordance with EN 10204, 3.1 and 3.2.

Companies often need to verify if a material is “fit for use” or that it conforms to international specifications. These materials need to meet the minimum requirements that are set out by the materials specification. Specifications are a means of identifying what a material is and act like “dog tags” to a certain extent. 

Should a customer wish to certify a specific grade/specification, the extent of testing is not determined by the customer or testing laboratory. The materials specification will have specific requirements which need to be measured and reported on.  In order to validate or regrade a material, all of the testing that is prescribed by the material specification is required to be carried out.

It is noted that Metallurgical Testing Labs is SANAS 17025 Accredited for all of the testing methods associated with the testing of these materials


A commonly known material SA 516M Grade 70 has chemical and tensile requirements and as such, to certify an unknown sample, one must carry out a tensile test and chemical spark (i.e. spectrographic analysis). If there are supplementary requirements for the grade of material (as with the case of SA516 Gr 70,  which has suplementary impact properties) these requirements are tested at the discretion of the customer and must be communicated through to the testing laboratory prior to, or at the time of the order (in writing).