Procedure/Welder Qualification

Welder Qualification and Procedure Qualifications are carried out according to customer and specification requirements. Metallurgical Testing Labs (MTL) is capable and competent to carry out these tests on behalf of the client. The most common Welder and Procedure Qualifications include:

  1. ASME IX
  2. AWS D1.1
  3. AWS D1.6
  4. BS EN 15614 … Just to name a few

It is noted that Metallurgical Testing Labs is Fully SANAS Accredited for all destructive and non-destructive tests that are associated with the testing of PQR’s and WQR’s

A PQR is a series of tests (based on international specifications i.e. points 1-4 as above) where the method and parameters of how the weld is carried out is evaluated by destructive testing. These test will confirm whether or not weld is “fit for use” in its intended application. Should the results of the tests fail to meet the parameters as set out by the specification, the results are able to give the welding engineer insight into what went wrong and how to go about resolving the issue. It is noted that a PQR will also qualify the welder that welded the PQR.

A Welder Qualification report will qualify a welder according to an already existing PQR. The information that this report will yield will state whether or note that specific welder is able to successfully operate within the limits set out by the PQR.

For a greater insight into the above one would need to read the relevant specification (i.e. 1-4 as above) which will provide instructions and essential variables into how to successfully carry out the PQR and Welder qualifications.

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