Chemical Analysis

Metallurgical Testing Labs has acquired a new Spectrometer that has the latest technological developments which includes the ability of reading elements such as Nitrogen (N). This Spectrometer is a 10-base machine which is able to test:

  1. Ferrous based material (Fe-base: Mild steels, Stainless Steels, Tool Steel etc)
  2. Chromium based materials (Cr-base)
  3. Nickel based material (Ni-base)
  4. Aluminium based materials (Al-base)
  5. Cobalt based materials (Co-base)
  6. Lead based materials (Pb-base)
  7. Titainuim based materials (Ti-base)
  8. Tin based materials (Sn-Base)
  9. Zink based materials (Zn-Base)
  10. Magnesium based materials (Mg-Base)

MTL runs a stare of the art LMS (Lab Management System) aptly names JARVIS. This paperless system communicates directly with the testing equipment which imports the data directly into the final certificate. This significantly reduces the potential for human/operator error